Bahasa Inggris III

Beginning Level

Azar Grammar Series: Basic English Grammar, 3rd edition

These PowerPoint® presentations are visual aids for teachers to use in class. They are correlated to the text and contain all new content for every grammar chart in every chapter. Color, animation and photographs are used in effective and exciting ways to enhance your existing lessons.

Intermediate level

Azar Grammar Series: Fundamentals of English Grammar, 4th edition

Our Teacher-Created Worksheets were contributed by fellow teachers. Worksheets are available as Word documents or PDF files. You may download, reproduce and adapt the material to suit your classroom needs.

“I hope you will share materials you have created for your own teaching as a way of helping other teachers.”

—Betty Azar

Submit your worksheets for publication.

Appendix A-1—The present perfect vs. the past perfect

Appendix A-2—The past progressive vs. the past perfect

Appendix A-3—Still vs. anymore

Appendix A-4—Additional verbs followed by that-clauses

Appendix A-5—Additional expressions with be + that-clauses

Appendix C—Preposition Combinations

show Final Exams

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